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Amber informs Jana and Kevin she is moving into her own apartment. Jana becomes determined to find Amber the right guy. Meanwhile, Lily feels out of place with Cane but he assures her that he has a surprise for Neil. Neil is saddened by Lily’s apparent interest into the fashion world but she assures him that she isn’t taking it too seriously. Kevin believes that Jeff may sincerely love Gloria but Gloria doesn’t believe a word.

Jeff toasts Gloria’s portrait, stating that he knows she is up to something but will never beat him at his own game. Gloria daydreams about poisoning Jeff as Sharon and Jack arrive with something to celebrate. Jack informs Gloriathat the judge ruled to equal division of the house. The rulings means that each couple has allotted time in all areas of the house and if Jeff or Gloria breaks them, Jack can throw them out.

Cane gives Neil a rare gift and Neil is thankful but clearly conflicted in regards to Cane. Later, Karen makes Neil see that Cane was trying to reach out to Neil (Kristoff St. John), not buy his acceptance. Cane and Neil finally bond over their experiences. Later, Neil admits to Karen that he is starting to really like Cane. Meanwhile, Lily and Cane make romantic plans. Victor Jr. refuses to believe that Victor is his father.

Victor Jr. (Chris Engen) wants to be alone with his mother, but Hope asks Victor Jr. to get to know his father. Victor tries to reach out to Victor Jr., but his only concern is his mother. Later, Victor Jr. pleads with Hope not to leave him. Hope makes a request to give Victor a chance. Victor Jr. and Victor panic when Hope passes out from her pain. Seeing that Hope is fading, Victor Jr. finally allows Victor to comfort him.

The Young and the Restless
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