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Gloria wakes up in Jeffrey's bed in a panic, realizing what happened last night. Michael (Christian LeBlanc), Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Kevin (Greg Rikaart) are all gathered at the coffeehouse, worrying about her.

Sharon (Sharon Case) and Jack (Peter Bergman) are having breakfast at the GCAC. Jack says that he wants to start a foundation in his father's name to give people an opportunity in terms of education and business.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) comes by the GCAC to say hi to Sharon and Jack after dropping Phyllis off at the airport. Sharon leaves, giving Jack the chance to tell Nick about his foundation idea. Nick sees through Jack, knowing Jack wants Sharon to spend less time at Newman and thus with Brad.

Kevin and Colleen (Tammin Sursok) are putting up "Free Jana" signs at the coffeehouse. He wants to take his campaign to the streets.

Heather (Vail Bloom) pays a visit to Jana (Emily O'Brien) in prison to discuss the state's case against her.

Sharon goes to Newman and asks Brad about their trip itinerary.

Jeffrey wants to discuss wedding plans with Gloria. He wants to have it on Valentine's Day, but Gloria just sneers that she'll be busy then.

Paul (Doug Davidson) and Maggie (Tammy Lauren) invite Heather to breakfast at the GCAC. Things are good between them, but then April walks by. Everyone is shocked.

Brad and Sharon go over the details of their tour.

Gloria goes to the coffeehouse and talks Kevin. He makes a joke that the wrong Bardwell brother kicked the bucket, which gives Gloria an idea.

She wants to make it look like Jeffrey is trying to kill her. Kevin points out that he would never try to kill her before they are married.

Michael confronts Jeffrey about blackmailing Gloria.

Nick goes upstairs to work through his daddy issues with Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

Kevin and Gloria plan their scheme. She realizes that there is no way to avoid marrying him, so she decides to push up with wedding date.

Jeffrey threatens that he can take Michael down as an accessory to murder.

April says that Heather has not been returning her messages, and Heather says that she hasn't had time to even check her messages.

Jack and Sharon are excited to go to Miami. They kiss as Brad walks by.  Brad immediately gets on the phone and plans to go to Chicago.

The Young and the Restless
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