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The Young and the Restless begins as Sharon (Sharon Case) and Jack (Peter Bergman) are still on their Bahamanian getaway. They have gone swimming.

In Genoa City, Victor (Eric Braeden) is sadly awaiting his divorce hearing at the GCAC bar. David Chow (Vincent Irizarry) watches him warily.

Amber (Adrienne Frantz) squeals to Daniel (Michael Graziadei) about how excited she is that her secret alter-ego Maryna made the semi-finals.

Nikki finds Victor outside the hearing room and asks him if he can forgive her because she doesn't want to go through with the hearing.

"Maryna" and Daniel go to the GCAC to meet Ed the Editor for her interview.  "Maryna" tells him that she's already a successful business woman.

Jack and Sharon order room service. He's trying hard to make sure Sharon is having a good time.

Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil) have ordered in some food and rented a bunch of DVDs. They are back at his house.

Victor speaks up at the beginning of the hearing and asks the judge to stop the hearing at once. Nikki's words out in the hallway seem to have taken effect.

Sharon finds out that Jack told the hotel that they were newlyweds because they never had a real honeymoon. Sharon is touched.

Cane and Lily have finished watching the movie and start making out. Lily gets worried because she's never been with anyone since Daniel.

Lily apologizes for embarrassing Kay and Jill, but the two old broads take it gracefully. They congratulate her for becoming a semi-finalist.

Down in the Bahamas, Sharon and Jack get down and dirty.

Cane and Lily go down to the club and find "Maryna" and Daniel still there.  The reporter asks "Maryna" where she grew up, and there are holes ...

Jill is worried that Lily might fall harder for Cane than he wants her to.  Kay, on the other hand, is more worried about Amber.

The judge sayst Wisconsin has no-fault divorce laws. She rules Nikki gets a share of Victor's money, but full ownership of NVP will go to Victor.

The Young and the Restless
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