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PART ONE: As The Young and the Restless returns, Lily gets ready for "Faces of Jabot" and Neil tells Lily that Dru would be very proud of her. She's touched as flowers arrive for her from Cane. Lily assures her father that she and Cane are just friends. Neil (Kristoff St. John) confides in Karen about his concern for his daughter but decides he will try to do as she suggested ...

PART TWO: Meanwhile, as Amber (Adrianne Frantz) practices rehearsing as "Marina," Daniel warns that her disguise isn't going to fool anyone. Jana's fooled though. When Amber and Daniel point out how crowded the apartment is now, Kevin suggests that either Amber or Daniel move out. Sharon returns from her trip and runs into Brad who assures her that he's accepted her marriage to Jack and just wants to be friends.

PART THREE: Sharon responds that it's impossible. Brad approaches Neil about a raise now that Nick is gone and threatens to look elsewhere if he doesn't get "Nick's power." Neil then invites Karen to have dinner but when she turns him down, he hands her a key to his place. Coming in from the cold after his jog, Jeffrey stuns Jill with the news that he's a newlywed. Gloria confronts Jeffrey about where he's been but he won't talk.

PART FOUR: Jack offers Gloria half the house but when he won't sell the whole house to her, she refuses his settlement offer. Jack's attorney warns that a judge might give Gloria the house. During the press conference, Kay announces Lily and Marina are two of the four finalists. But after whispering something to Jill, Cane (Daniel Goddard) walks over to Marina and pulls off her wig.

The Young and the Restless
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