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Devon (Bryton) and Neil (Kristoff St. John) consider setting up Lily with a new man to take her mind off Cane. In spite of their advice, Victor tells Neil and Nick that he has decided to countersue Chancellor Industries.

Maggie tells Heather that the blood found on Victor's gym bag most likely came from Ji Min's broken nose. Heather claims there is still not enough evidence to arrest Victor and then admits how stressed she is.

Maggie offers her advice on why Paul upsets her and suggests it's really her step-father who has hurt her. Heather disagrees and claims she doesn't need Paul in her life. J.T. asks Paul what he knows about David.

Hearing that he's snooping for Victor, Paul warns his associate that Victor uses people so he should watch himself because of the divorce. Victor summons J.T. to his office and learns he has nothing new for him.

Ashley announces to Jack, Noah and Sharon that after she sees Victor, she's leaving for L.A. Ashley privately thanks Sharon for giving her brother another chance. Later, she runs into Victor at the Newman offices.

Sharon meets Brad at the Athletic Club and reveals her decision to stay with Jack. He's not pleased and she responds with a request not to talk about this anymore. Brad grabs her hand, Jack sees them and walks out.

Heather receives word that the surveillance videos from the Athletic Club were tampered with. Maggie advises her that Victor was the last person to see Ji Min so Heather seeks an arrest warrant. They arrest Victor.

The Young and the Restless
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