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PART ONE: Jill's upset as Amber stops by the estate again. Cane's not happy to see her but after they leave, Amber hands Kay a latte and they talk about the past. Kay describes how she ended up hating Jill because of her love for Phillip. As the stories continue, Amber suggests that she write a book about her exciting life. Kay lectures Amber that Lily didn't steal Cane from her and warns that she should forget about trying to get him back. Dr. Walters interrupts and advises them both that Kay had a minor stroke and needs to take it easy.

PART TWO: Karen chats with Neil about his concerns for Lily and her success as a model. She guesses he fears that he's going to lose her like he did Dru. Neil explains his feeling that being a model is a "sleazy" lifestyle and guesses that if Dru had not been a model, she'd be alive. Cane tries to calm Lily before the photo shoot for Jabot, though Devon's not pleased. When Neil arrives with Karen, thanks to a call from his son, Devon (Bryton) asks him to be supportive of his sister. Colleen (Tammin Sursok) stops by and urges Neil to be accepting of Cane.

PART THREE: Neil congratulates Lily. Jill returns home and is upset to find Amber still there. Kay escorts her to the door and asks her not to tell anyone about her medical troubles. When Kay announces to Jill that she's stepping down from Chancellor and putting Jill in charge, Jill is suspicious and asks if her health is good. Kay denies she's sick but claims the collapse at Clear Springs has given her pause to think. Jill worries when Kay hints that she may write her memoir. Amber later spots Lily and Cane kissing at the Athletic Club.

The Young and the Restless
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