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Lily, Devon and Roxanne are at a coffeehouse when Lily notices Cane enter.

Roxanne wonders what is going on between the two, but Lily says they are just friends. Later, Devon asks Roxanne if she knows anyone to set Lily up with.

Lily and Cane (Daniel Goddard) run into each other again and decide to start hanging out.

Kevin (Greg Rikaart), Gloria and Lauren are discussing whether or not they believe Victor killed Ji Min when Jill and Kay enter and overhear them. Jill remains convinced that Jack is the guilty party.

While Kay is discussing how Victor’s arrest will affect Clear Springs, Jill remarks to Gloria that Jeff was gushing about her earlier. Jeff arrives. Gloria’s misery at his presence is evident.

After, Jill and Kay have left, Jeff asks Gloria to schedule a family dinner so that he can propose. Jeff also insists that Gloria give him $50,000 for her engagement ring.

Lauren informs Michael that Gloria invited them to dinner with Jeff

Intrigued by what is going on between Gloria and Jeff, Michael accepts the invitation. Jack returns home, from bringing Ashley to the airport, with flowers for Sharon.

Sharon is crushed at Jack’s glee over Victor’s arrest. Later, she confronts Jack, but he refuses to back down. Nick and Neil arrive just as Maggie is cuffing Victor. Victor is furious and makes Nick call Michael.

Nick and Neil are stunned.

Neil (Kristoff St. John) gets on the phone to call Michael and Nick calls Nikki. Michael runs into Nikki and David as he is rushing out of the G.C.A.C. to help Victor.

Michael lets them know what is going on and Nikki hurries off to find Nick. Victor demands Michael get him out on bail as soon as possible.

Later, Victor makes bail with $1 million. Then Michael is blindsided, when he learns from Heather and Maggie, that Victor was the last person to see Ji Min alive. David explains to Nikki that he is sure of Victor’s guilt. Victor confronts Jack and accuses him of planting evidence.

The Young and the Restless
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