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Jack orders Brad to stay away from Sharon and vows to save his marriage. Brad counters with a threat to harm Jack if he hurts Sharon. Phyllis comes to Nikki's rescue when she's harassed by a reporter digging for a story about Victor's arrest. Badmouthing Jack, Victor warns Sharon that her husband may take her down with him.

Jack lets Sharon (Sharon Case) know he ordered Brad to back off. Sharon reminds him that Brad is her friend but Jack points out that he is his wife. After a few kisses, Sharon takes Jack up to the bedroom. Finding Brad (Don Diamont) daydreaming, Nick tells him that Sharon's already taken so he should "move on." Nick admits to Nikki that he's worried about Victor's health.

Victor (Eric Braeden) orders him to investigate David's past so he questions Nikki. Asking about David's past marriages, J.T. claims he's always been suspicious. As Lauren, Michael and Kevin stare in disbelief, Gloria invites them and Jeffrey to toast to her engagement. Jeffrey gets down on one knee and pulls out a huge diamond ring before asking Gloria to be his wife.

Kevin (Greg Rikaart) claims he's all right with her decision. As he leaves, Jeffrey orders Gloria to convince her family that she truly loves him. She offers him $1 million to leave town and never come back. He turns her down and as they argue, Michael overhears them...

The Young and the Restless
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