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The Young and the Restless
Thurs., July 17, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless:

During the charity ball luncheon, Victor warns Sharon and Phyllis that he's going to destroy "Restless Style." Victoria denies knowing anything about the article but tells her father that she tried to warn him.

Hearing David's in charge of the money for the gala, Victor lectures Nikki who doesn't listen. Outraged by what Jack has done, Nick confronts him at the Abbott mansion and announces that he wants him out of the magazine.

He offers to buy him out but Jack laughs at the idea and reveals that sales are way up, thanks to him. Victor confronts Jack and vows to destroy him, threatening to kick RSM out of the building he owns.

Jack orders him to get out. Chatting with Lily at the Crimson Lights, Colleen spots Chloe arrive and orders her out, telling her to leave Genoa City too. Chloe laughs and boasts that she's staying forever.

Kevin leaks to Jana about Amber sleeping with Adrian. Paul confronts David about his step-daughter Nina and when he claims he hasn't spoken to her in 9 years, Paul corrects him that he recently called her.

David claims it's part of his gambling rehabilitation and states he only left a message for her.

Paul stuns him with the news that she died of a drug overdose and guesses to J.T. that he's lying about when he last saw Nina. Paul also advises him that he's got a "shadow" on Nikki.

Colleen confronts Amber about sleeping with the professor and Daniel eventually steps in to prevent a fight.

Amber and Chloe connect when Chloe stops by the magazine offices.

There, she's offered a job and accepts it. Nick learns the magazine has sold out in every major market. Meanwhile, Jana and Kevin use the Ouija board to ask questions about Amber and Daniel as well as Lily and Cane.

The board seems to offer a dire warning, worrying Jana. Nikki surprises David by revealing she bought them a house.

Until tomorrow on The Young and the Restless ...

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