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The Young and the Restless
July 2, 2008: Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless:

Gloria tells Nikki that she saw David gambling in Las Vegas. Nikki insists he's in Los Angeles but Gloria tells her again what she saw.

Nikki calls David a couple of times but he doesn't answer his phone. She confesses to Nick and Victoria that David's gambling but adds that she's not going to dump her husband.

David agrees to do one more job for Walter to pay off his debt. Chloe sets up photos of all the "Jabot faces" so that Jill will see that Chloe is the best choice for the future.

Jill decides to promote Lily as a scholar/model. Chloe offers to manage the campaign but Jill puts Cane in charge.

Interrupting them after sex, Gloria and Jeffrey give Jack and Sharon the good news about their quickie wedding in Las Vegas.

Sharon's pleased because Gloria will be moving out but Gloria says she won't be going anywhere. Gloria's thrilled when Jeffrey gives her the real diamonds he took from her.

At the club Neil presses Devon to find out how long Tyra is staying. Cane spots Tyra and suggests she come clean to Neil about her stay in town.

Meanwhile, Devon calls the inn where Tyra was working and learns it's closed. Tyra explains to Neil and Cane that because she had no formal education, she got behind in the bills at the inn.

She apologizes for not telling and Cane leaks that he's been paying her hotel bill. Neil thanks him but points out that's his duty.

Karen suggests Neil invite Tyra and her daughter Ana to move in with him and assures him it won't cause problems for them.

Neil invites her and Devon gives Ana the good news. David returns and, after she admits she knows he lied, he asks Nikki to let him go.

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