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The Young and the Restless
July 21, 2008

Cane invites Lily to accompany him as he meets with a realtor about buying a house. After she remarks how wonderful the place is, he invites her to move in with him. When she accepts the offer, he admits he already bought the place.

Showing an engagement ring, Cane gets Neil's permission to propose to Lily. When Daniel arrives for work and introduces himself to her as the magazine's photographer, Chloe confides to Amber that she has a plan to get them back together.

But when Chloe tries to get him talking about Amber, he stops her and warns her he knows what she's trying to do. Paul calls J.T. about an unconfirmed report that David's real name is Angelo and that Walter's name is actually Tony Amato.

When Nikki, Victoria and J.T. arrive at the club, Neil talks to them about Ana as someone who could sing at the charity gala and then introduces them to Tyra. Victor calls Victoria and announces that he has taken her and Nick out of his will.

Hearing this, Nikki pleads with Victor to reconsider but he adds that he also told Nick to move off the ranch. Calling him "talented," Sabrina offers to send some of Daniel's sketches to a gallery owner in New York.

But when they show them to Victor, he walks out without saying a word. Daniel offers to sketch her as a wedding present. Later, Sabrina is shocked when Victor explains the changes to his will.

Meeting J.T., Paul advises him that David has been in trouble with the police since he was a boy. When a perturbed Nikki sees his legal pad, Paul leaks that David changed his name years ago.

She orders him to back off. David tries to back out of handling Walter's job and offers him money to pay off his debt but Walter insists he do as ordered.

Hearing from the FBI, Paul tells J.T. that Amato grew up with Angelo Serafino and that the FBI still has an open investigation on him for murder and racketeering.

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The Young and the Restless
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