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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
July 22, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Handing his father the key to his place on the ranch, Nick points out that he's sending Summer away but Victor counters that he's finished giving him everything. Nick announces to Phyllis that they are moving.

She wants him to tell his father what Jack did but he refuses. Phyllis forces Nick to admit how hurt he feels. Victor boasts to Sabrina that he has decided to ban his son from the ranch and every other property he owns.

When Sabrina reacts, Victor claims he's doing this because he's tired of the disrespect his kids show him. Back from Korea, Jeffrey tells Gloria that he was unable to get his hands on the tainted cream because he couldn't find his former girlfriend.

Gloria wants him to go back but he refuses and claims they don't need Michael to accomplish their stock-buying plan. He also admits he stopped in the Cayman Islands to set up an account for them.

Confronted by Nikki, David confirms his name is Angelo and that he's been lying to her again. He claims that he grew up in a terrible neighborhood and changed his name to make a new start.

Nikki thinks he's lying again but David goes on to report that his father was a deadbeat and that his mother was an alcoholic. He admits he left that life behind when he saw his only other option was to join "the mob."

Nikki announces their marriage is over.

Meanwhile, Brad advises Jill that David's gambling problem has cost him a lot of money. Jill worries how the stockholders will react and wants this matter dealt with quietly.

Heather then picks up some of Ji Min's things that Jill has for her investigation. Brad asks Heather to dig up David's phone records since he may be selling Jabot's secrets.

Jill calls one of the numbers and realizes she's reached a bookie who knows David. Heather finds a photo of Ji Min with a stranger who may be Walter. Using his real name, David calls an associate to "score some dreamer, liquid."

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