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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 7/24/08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

At the gala, Victor tells Kay he's going to tell everyone tomorrow about Sabrina's pregnancy. Amber changes her mind and arrives at the charity event. Also there are Heather, Adam, Daniel, Kevin, Chloe and Cane.

Adam leaks to Victor that David's gambling troubles will hit the financial new airwaves tonight. Brad advises David that Jill is going to the board about his gambling problem.

When he and Jill ask for his resignation, David responds with a threat. Looking through the box of Ji Min's things Heather dropped off, Paul finds a partial photo of the dead man with Walter.

J.T. calls Paul to warn that Victor is pressing him to take care of David. While Sharon chats with everyone about the sellout issue, Jack boasts to Sabrina that he is responsible for the changes to the article.

She's stunned that he allowed Nick to take the blame and tells him that he ended up hurting Nick more than he hurt her. Amber hints to Kay that she's thinking of leaving town but Kay points out Phyllis will have won if she runs.

Victoria advises Nick that if he's not going to live at the ranch then she's moving too. Victor asks Nick and Victoria to be at the ranch tomorrow for a "big announcement." Adam continues to worry that he's hasn't heard from Skye.

Jeffrey assures Gloria that he doesn't have the tainted cream and reveals he knows she's been checking on his trip to Korea.

The two watch a TV news report about David and Gloria suggests that Jabot stock will drop which is a great time for them to buy. The next TV story deals with a missing Skye Lockhart.

After calling to confirm an insurance policy on Nikki is in effect, David invites Nikki to leave but she's not ready. Upset, David drugs Nikki's drink and invites her to toast to their success.

Outside, Walter slips next to Heather to make small talk. Cane tries to propose to Lily but Chloe interrupts and claims that she's pregnant with his baby.

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