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The Young and the Restless
July 28, 2008
Official Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Already worried about his missing wife, Victor insists on going when Michael reports that David and Nikki's limo was in a crash.

At the crash scene, Victor learns that the driver is dead and panics to see one of Sabrina's earrings in the car. Bringing Nikki to the hospital, Paul tells J.T. he thinks she was drugged.

When she finally comes to, Paul advises her that she was drugged and that David tried to kill her. At the gala Nick and Victoria hear about the crash and rush out.

When Phyllis claims that Amber told her she slept with Adrian, Daniel orders her to stay out of his life. Victoria, Phyllis and Nick are shocked to hear what happened to Nikki. J.T. reports that a warrant has been issued for David's arrest but returns later to reveal that David is dead.

Sending everyone out except him, Nikki thanks Paul who leaks that Sabrina was in the accident that took David's life.

Victoria panics to hear that Sabrina was injured. Daniel comes home to find Amber packing because she's moving back to L.A. to stay out of his life. He responds that he's moving there too and plans to live in Danny's place in Malibu.

Phyllis calls to report on Nikki but he refuses to go to the hospital. He apologizes to Amber for what his mother did to her and asks her not to leave.

Victor is with Sabrina in the ICU and tells the doctor he wants to take her home. The doctor won't hear it and reports that the baby she was carrying is dead. Victor asks Michael to talk to someone to allow him to take Sabrina home.

The doctor explains Sabrina needs to be on a dialysis machine, has a lacerated liver and cannot have a transplant. J.T. brings a sobbing Victoria in to see Sabrina but Victor orders them to leave.

Outside in the hall, Michael warns them that Sabrina's not going to make it. Slipping out of her room, Nikki overhears Victor assuring his wide-eyed wife that she'll be fine and have more babies.

Sent home by Nick, Phyllis rushes to confront Daniel but he and Amber won't let her in. They head up to bed as Phyllis eventually gives up and leaves.

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