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The Young and the Restless
July 7 Episode Guide

Today on The Young and the Restless, David tries to apologize to Victor again and promises he won't bring Heather back to the ranch.

Victor again warns him. Adam then updates Heather who worries about coming between him and his father. Catching him staring, Heather eyes Skye as she kisses Adam.

Skye invites Adam to have sex with her later in her room. Adam explains he's involved with someone. Later, Heather asks him about Skye who he calls an old girlfriend from business school.

He assures her it's over. Having spent the night in her out-of-gas car, Cane fetches some gas and rudely wakes her by slamming the door.

Asking him to be "discreet," David confides to Brad that he and Nikki have separated. Brad invites Skye to a poker game at which they'll take David for everything he has.

When Amber worries about what happened last night, Adrian assures her they didn't do anything wrong. When Phyllis sees her with Adrian, she wonders why the two are at the office so early.

Phyllis hands her a package Daniel sent her and when she accuses her of catching her with the professor, Amber denies it and tells her to mind her own business.

After a call from Daniel, Amber takes great pleasure in boasting to Phyllis that he assured her the "sleazy" woman kissing him was no one.

Phyllis orders her to back off and hints that she may tell Daniel about her and Adrian. Nick's curious when he takes a call from Phillipe who warns that Jack is looking for "gossip" about Sabrina.

He confronts Jack who claims he doesn't know Phillipe. However, Jack suggests they listen to what the man has to say. Nick refuses.

Pressed by Victor, Victoria leaks that David and Nikki are having problems.

Victoria asks Sabrina about Adrian interviewing her and Sabrina explains she opted not to tell him about the affair she had nor did she feel it important he know how it ruined her reputation. Victor confronts David about his marital troubles and vows to keep an eye on him.

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