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The Young and the Restless
Tuesday, July 8
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After bringing Sabrina to the magazine offices for her photo shoot, Victor pulls Nick aside and claims to know about Nikki and David's troubles.

Nick won't tell him anything. Meeting with a new advertiser, Jack, Nikki and Sharon are astounded when Elise claims that it was Gloria who recommended the magazine to her.

Gloria asks Nikki for her job back and she agrees to consider it. Jeffrey can't understand why she would want to go back.

She overhears Jack admitting how much he misses Jabot and hints to Jeffrey that Jack may help her get back the company that is rightfully hers. He considers buying stock in Jabot to further their plans.

Upset that her 8th pregnancy test kit shows she is pregnant, Chloe calls Cane to meet but ends up at the Indigo where he has reunited with Sebastian, an old friend.

She pretends to get drunk with them and badmouths Lily. Chloe gets a drunk Cane into her car where he passes out. She starts to strip and lowers the back of his car seat.

Phyllis confronts Amber with the underwear she found at the desk but Amber claims she was just changing clothes and blasts Phyllis for thinking the worst of her.

Jack makes a call to meet with Kathy Hilton about the magazine's cover. Nick's taken aback when his mother reveals that Jack told her the magazine was going through "a change."

He complains about Jack trying to take over and vows to beat him. When Kathy Hilton arrives with Jamie, Nikki asks her son what he's going to do.

He ends up hosting the meeting with Nikki who offers a suggestion of using an "old Hollywood" style with the model Jack picked.

Jack's upset to arrive and find the meeting has already happened. He complains to Sharon but she's not supportive.

Jack hears from the man about Sabrina's past and agrees to meet him in Chicago. Phyllis asks Nick about firing Amber but he urges her to stop.

Hearing Victor on the phone barking orders to uncover more about David's gambling problems, Adam calls Skye and asks her what she knows about David.

She claims he may be addicted to gambling but that's all she knows.

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