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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap - 7.9.09

On today's The Young and the Restless:

Neil offers Tyra the job of managing Indigo and convinces her to do it for Devon's sake. Karen congratulates him and admits she loves him.

Victor meets with Paul and J.T. and says he knows about David's past wives and gambling problem. He guesses that David wants all of Nikki's money.

After taking a call, Paul reports that David's step-daughter Nina was found dead from an overdose of prescription pills.

He insists it was not an accident because she was "clean" and wrote in her diary that she had heard from David.

Nikki runs into David and meets Mel who David claims is his sponsor. She pleads with him not to give up on her marriage but he can't understand why. They end up going up to her room as Victor watches.

Cane wakes in Chloe's car and finds her all over him. Realizing what's going on, Cane insists that he didn't do anything. Amber is thrilled when Daniel surprises her outside the elevator.

He presents her with a book of his sketches and assures her that he never stopped thinking about her. But when he suggests they go have sex, she claims they've got to see Jana.

Jane's thrilled when Kevin arrives at the Crimson Lights. When Daniel and Amber arrive, they use the imported Ouija board Kevin brought Jana.

It answers "no" when Daniel asks if Amber eyed other guys while he was gone. Lily comes home and finds Cane and Chloe arguing. When she asks what's wrong, Chloe blurts out that they had sex.

Cane denies it but Chloe points out they were both naked when they woke. Being a "friend," she assures Lily they don't have feelings for each other.

Lily lashes out at Chloe, accusing her of always wanting to get the best of her. She warns her never to come near her again and orders Cane to get out too.

Outside, Cane tells Chloe he never wants to see her again. Later, hearing what happened, Devon tells Lily it doesn't sound like the Cane he knows. When Cane returns and insists Chloe set him up, Lily forgives him.

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