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The Young and the Restless
June 13, 2008 (Recap)

Today on The Young and the Restless:

After reading the latest from his grandmother's diary, Michael tells Lauren that she was "disappointed" with her son Lowell. Finding Neil upset on Father's Day, Lily guesses it's because of Karen.

Devon pushes Neil to call her. Eventually, Karen reaches Neil and, while they chat, both Lily and Devon notice how happy he is. Adam and Heather compare notes on spending time with their fathers on Father's Day.

She points out that while he had a father figure in Cliff, she had none. Victor's touched when Victoria presents him with a special present, adding that it's from Nick too.

She invites him to come celebrate Reed's first Father's Day with them but Victor refuses because he and Nikki always end up arguing.

Nikki interrupts David as he talks with his bookie but he lies that he's trying to reach his uncle. Victor calls Nick and thanks him for the gift.

When Adam arrives, Victor mentions that today is the anniversary of his baptism years ago on the farm. Calling Michael about a leak at the pool house, Gloria surprises him with decorations for the special day.

She thanks him for all he has done for her while Lauren points out that Gloria was both a mother and a father to him. Michael asks her to tell him all about his father.

Though she tries to avoid answering, Gloria reveals that Lowell was a very handsome "hippie" who fled to Canada and was never seen again.

Michael forces her to reveal that she and Lowell were never married. He wonders if he still lives up north.

Paul's surprised when Heather reveals that she decided to be a lawyer the day Paul prevented her mother from going to jail. David's thrilled when his horse wins the race.

Sabrina stuns Victor with the news that she's pregnant.

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