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The Young and the Restless
June 16 Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Neil surprises Karen in New York and invites her to come back with him and live with him, promising the kids want her back too.

When she offers a reason or two not to, he proposes marriage and suggests they do it today.

She asks for more time so he kisses her and says goodbye.

Lily tells Cane that Chloe had a crush on Devon but it was when she was drunk. Cane counters that Chloe kissed him when she was drunk and agrees to tell Lily the next time she crosses the line.

She confronts Chloe who agrees that she was drunk when they kissed. Lily orders her to move out.

Complaining to Cane, Chloe insists she's only interested in Devon and claims it's Cane's faulty she hasn't snared him.

Already ordering an addition to be put on for the new nursery, Victor agrees when Sabrina asks him not to tell anyone she's pregnant.

Adam offers Victor a choice of three new names for Beauty of Nature.

Admitting a salesperson leaked the secret, Brad tells Victoria about the top-to-bottom changes Adam is making with the line of products at Newman.

When Adam also tells her about "Newman Infinity," Victoria claims Victor won't approve the change but he boasts that Victor picked out the name.

Handing Jeffrey the phone he left behind, Jill thanks him for the fun they had and looks forward to more. Gloria makes a costly mistake when she unknowingly sells a $2000 bracelet for only $200.

Lauren assigns her employee to work in the stock room.

After the iron Gloria was using started a fire which did $100,000 damage, Lauren fires her. Later, Jeffrey surprises her at the pool house with a kiss. Sabrina asks Jana to be her maid of honor.

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