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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 6.2.08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Cane and Lily are all smiles after having sex while Devon was out with Chloe. The roommates return and, after Cane leaves, Chloe announces that Lily is going to be signed by one of the hottest modeling agency in the Big Apple.

Chloe suddenly feels sick and runs to the bathroom. Devon wonders if she might be pregnant. Returning to take the ladies to the airport, Cane learns Lily's going ahead by herself.

Stopping by the coffeehouse, Nikki learns from Kevin that Jill fired Gloria. Broke, Gloria talks with Michael about her future job prospects. He suggests she get a real job and even work for Kevin.

Gloria does just that and Kevin hires her. Jeffrey asks Jack about allowing Gloria to move back into the mansion but Jack refuses though he does guess that Jeffrey's in love with the woman.

Jack uses some software to unscramble the name of the anonymous donor and figures out that the money might be from Gloria. Insisting he's loved all of his wives, David confronts Paul about his investigation into his past, asking him if he's been talking with Mina.

He warns that Mina had a drug problem and was cut out of her mother's will because of it. He also boasts that because of the "tough love," she beat her habit.

After Paul leaves, Nikki returns and complains to David about Jill firing Gloria. Jill interrupts and claims, she did this because Nikki wasn't around. Nikki insists they talk about this but Jill is too busy.

Kay backs up Nikki and points out she promised John she'd watch over Gloria. Paul gets a call that Mina was expelled from school because of drugs and then gets his hands on Mina's police record.

Paul tells Mina he knows about her drug problems and blasts her for using him to get back at David. She insists she's telling the truth. David's upset when his horse loses the race and calls Walter for more money.

Gloria is shocked when Jack offers to let her stay in the pool house for as long as she wants.

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