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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
June 6, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Gloria calls the Chancellor estate to check on Jeffrey so Jill lies that Jeffrey died last night. Gloria asks Sharon to call Jill to confirm the story.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey explains to Jill that he wants to speak with Gloria. When Sharon calls, Jill assures her Jeffrey is fine. She puts him on the phone so Sharon hands the phone to Gloria.

He complains that she's not apologizing in person

When Gloria arrives, Jill lies that Jeffrey made a deathbed confession and tricks her into admitting that Jeffrey told her he wouldn't tell anyone what she had done.

Jill presses her to confess but she walks out so Jill asks Jeffrey who also won't talk. Fearing Jill knows everything, Gloria announces to Michael that it's time for her to confess to the police what she did.

Paul tells David that his story about Mina proved true and David reveals that he lost all the money from the estate by gambling. Brad watches as Paul leaves and learns about the background check.

He warns David not to tell Paul about his gambling debt.

Later, Paul watches as David takes more money from Walter who insists David pay him back on time. Paul questions Walter who calls David back to warn him about the PI.

At the lawsuit hearing, the judge orders the two sides to settle the matter and asks Heather to prepare the summary judgment.

Nikki signs the order and faces off with Victor about winning.

As Nikki boasts to David that she thinks they've won the lawsuit, David asks her to be prepared to hear that he's gambling and that he might be a killer.

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