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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap

PART ONE: Admitting she's bringing David to tonight's dinner, Nikki is taken aback to hear that Adam will be joining them since he and Victoria have been at odds lately. Victoria calls and leaves a message for Sabrina, inviting her to the dinner. Adam asks Victor if he'll be at the dinner tonight and learns he'll be working out at the gym instead. Kevin interrupts Daniel and Amber's chat about the cash and is surprised when Amber claims that she and Daniel are dating. Leaving them, Kevin admits that Jana will be happy to hear the news.

PART TWO: Daniel insists to Amber that they return the cash she took but she turns on the tears to convince Daniel to back off from turning the money in. Jana is excited to hear about Daniel and Amber. When Heather arrives, Kevin tries to keep her from seeing Daniel in close conversation with Amber. Heather eventually chats with Kevin about their young relationship as Amber sends a text to Daniel, pleading with him to keep the money a secret. He's shocked when Heather admits she's thinking of leaving town.

PART THREE: Victor finds Sabrina working out in the gym and invites her to have dinner with him. She happily accepts but when he sees Nick and the others, he decides to go home and pick up some burgers. Sabrina takes a ride to the ranch and when she reveals her decision to go to New York, he invites her to stay longer. The dinner gets underway at the Athletic Club as Victoria, J.T., Nick and Sharon join Adam who boasts of his successes at Northwestern University and at a real estate company

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The Young and the Restless
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