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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 3.18.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Lauren's phony tears convince Gloria to let her stay at the mansion longer. When Kay stops by the magazine, she hands Amber a check for her line. Patrick boasts to Nick and Phyllis about the plans for the magazine launch tomorrow and suggests that Victoria be a model as a surprise.

When Amber realizes Kay's check is for the exact amount she needs, she asks Daniel if he spoke to Kay. Jeffrey calls Jack to warn that their plan is going to have to be put on hold since Lauren is staying there. Gloria confronts Michael about his fight with Lauren and he lies that he and his wife are having marital problems. Gloria guesses she's there to spy on them.

Lauren tells Michael that she thinks Jeffrey and Jack are working together. Danny calls Phyllis to confirm he'll be in Genoa City. Jeffrey orders Gloria to send Lauren home. Jack calls to invite Ashley to the party and she offers to bring Kristen Forrester who is in charge of advertising for Forrester Creations. Sharon reaches Alistair by phone and he accepts the offer to play John's ghost.

Gloria becomes frantic when she finds one of John's coats on the living room couch. Admitting that rock star Danny Romalotti will be at the party, Adam tells Victor that he's going and suggests Victor come to. Victor refuses. Daniel's not happy to find his father at the Crimson Lights, chatting with Nick. He quickly tells Danny that they have nothing to talk about. He also hints to Nick that he won't be back at work because of this stunt. Sharon and Jack are taken aback when they meet Alistair for the first time.

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