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The Young and the Restless
March 24, 2008
Episode Recap

After they confirm they are going to the magazine launch later, Sabrina listens as Victoria argues with Adam who claims that Nick is cocky and wouldn't be where he is if his last name wasn't Newman. Jeffrey calls Jack and reports that Gloria screamed when she saw "John."

Jack promises another appearance soon and then gives Sharon the update. When Gloria tells Kevin she saw John, he claims she's crazy. Gloria guesses that John is angry with her for kissing Jeffrey. Jana thinks John's trying to tell her something and suggests a seance at the mansion.

When Alistair suddenly walks into the coffeehouse, Jack and Sharon rush him back to the hotel where he asks about Gloria. Nick overhears Daniel complaining to Amber about Danny and when he claims that Danny is not his father, Nick tells Daniel to start showing Danny some respect.

Later, Daniel agrees when his father wants them to "forgive and forget."

Danny leaks that he was so excited about the possibility of being with his son that he lied to Phyllis about having a concert in Chicago. Daniel offers Danny help with his performance. As Chloe overhears Lily complaining to Cane about her, Cane offers to get rid of Chloe if she's a problem for Lily.

Chloe and Lily admit they are hating their jobs and decide to end their feud, much to Cane's surprise. Ashley calls Jack from the airport to report she's in town with Felicia. Jeffrey makes footprints on the living room carpet. When Gloria spots John's boots and prints at home, she asks Jeffrey if he's trying to scare her.

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The Young and the Restless
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