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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 3/26/08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Kay tells Amber she has to write the book. Amber suggests she just not publish it. Jill returns home so Amber leaves. Jill presses her mother to reveal her secret and Kay finally admits she had a minor stroke but insists it was a minor one. As the photographers and reporters wonder who is on Victor's arm, Victor tells Victoria that Sabrina convinced him to attend the magazine launch.

He congratulates Nick who responds that everything was fine until he arrived. Sabrina claims it's her fault that Victor is there. Phyllis suggests they all have a drink. Victor assures Jack he's only there to support his son. Nikki starts to chastise Victor but he walks away. He welcomes Ashley back home and she offers her sympathy on his failed marriage. Phyllis asks Lauren to consider writing a column for the magazine.

Gina's with Danny and Paul as Phyllis announces to the crowd that it's time for Danny to perform. As he sings, Michael notices Jeffrey arrive and try to get Jack's attention. Jeffrey confides to Jack that Alistair is drunk and in Jeffrey's car. Jack orders him to take the actor back to the hotel room and then Michael chastises Jack for inviting Jeffrey. A frantic Gloria arrives and tells Michael she saw John's ghost.

Thinking she's crazy, when she confirms there were no witnesses, Michael warns her that Jeffrey is fooling her. Gloria decides to follow Sharon as she leaves the party. Her picture on the blow-up copy of the magazine's first edition, Lily faints after Daniel compliments her on being a hit at the party.

Devon catches her and learns she hasn't had anything to eat. She insists he not tell Cane. Daniel denies to Danny that Amber is his girlfriend. Back at Victoria's place, Victor says goodbye to Sabrina but she won't let him leave. Investigating a security problem at Newman, J.T. advises Adam that "the breach" is bad.

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