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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 3.4.2008

Part One
Nikki announces to David that she intends to pay off his gambling debts. David won't hear it but Nikki points out that she knows about addictions and wants to do this. After he confirms this is his only debt, Nikki demands that he get professional help. He agrees and calls Walter about the money. He then tries to talk about a wedding but Nikki claims it's too soon. Asked why he changed his mind about running ads in Jack and Nick's new magazine, Victor confides to Neil that he intends to teach Adam and Victoria a lesson about business.

Part Two
Hearing Sabrina call to thank Victor for the tour of his collection, Neil wonders if he's in need of a consultant. Victor indignantly states that he's never needed one before. Meanwhile, after Adam confides to Victoria and Sabrina that he actually studied "art as a commodity" at Harvard, Victoria boasts that she wants her dad to hire Sabrina as his consultant. Victoria learns that Reed has a staph infection but doesn't need to go to the hospital. Back from California, Jack congratulates Phyllis and Nick on the look of the office.

Part Three
The lights dim but when they come back on, Jack tells them about Eric Forrester's decision not to advertise and guesses Victor's behind it. Knowing Adam's on his way over, Phyllis announces she's staying behind to work on the website. Later, Adam reveals Beauty of Nature will advertise in the magazine and that he wants to prove Victor wrong about his decision. Nick chastises Victor about trying to ruin his magazine. Brad overhears Nikki calling to have $225,000 transferred from her account to David's. After David tells Walter he's wiring the money to his account, Brad offers to buy Walter a drink.

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The Young and the Restless
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