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The Young and the Restless
Recap, March 5, 2008

Part One
Phyllis calls Nick to let him know there is another blackout at the warehouse. Phyllis informs him that Victor has agreed to allow Beauty of Nature to advertise with them again. As they wait out the blackout, Adam tries to learn about Phyllis’s life but ends up opening up about the loss of his mother instead. Sharon advises Nick to reach out to Adam and warn him before Victor has a chance to break him down. Sharon reminds Nick that Adam couldn’t find a better, more understanding friend . Phyllis senses resentment in Adam when they begin to discuss being born into wealth versus working for what you have.

Part Two
Nick arrives at the warehouse with an electrician. Nick thanks Adam for bringing Beauty of Nature back on board. Nick feigns indifference when Phyllis pushes him to understand Adam. Jack overhears as Jeff reminds Gloria that he controls her life. As Jack continues to listen it becomes very clear that Jeff and Gloria’s marriage is a charade. Gloria exclaims to Kevin that she is about ready to kill Jeff. As they discuss it further, they realize that the only way Jeff could know every move they make is by spying on them. Jack approaches Jeff again about buying the house from him and Gloria.

Part Three

Jeff asks Jack to give him 24 hours to convince Gloria. Jana overhears Gloria and Kevin planning to kill Jeff and frame Jack. Later, Jeff enters and informs Gloria that he is going to let her go because he truly loves her. Gloria is suspicious and stunned, but is glad to be getting a divorce. Daniel voices his suspicions to Kevin about how Amber can afford to live in a penthouse. Daniel makes it clear that he is concerned that Amber has gotten into a situation with a quick pay off, but Kevin is more inclined to believe he is falling for Amber. Amber and Daniel unpack her belongings and start kissing ....

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The Young and the Restless
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