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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 5/14/08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Victor suggests to Sabrina that they tie the knot in Paris but she nixes the idea. Nikki and David arrive in Mexico to elope and end up in a burned out chapel for the ceremony.

Nikki reconsiders getting married after having her luggage lost too and though David fights her decision, he eventually agrees to wait until August. But as they wait for a flight, Nikki changes her mind again and the two are married by Fred Flinn, ex-American and a mail-order certified minister.

Kay confronts Victor about Victoria taking a job at Jabot. He tells her to mind her own business and when she refuses, he blames her for Victoria's decision. She leaks that Nikki is getting married today. With trouble at Jabot, Jill's furious to hear both Nikki and David are out. She's still upset even after hearing why they're gone.

After Jack boasts to the staff that it's thanks to Jamie that the launch of the first issue of the magazine is back on track, Nick pulls Jack into another room and blasts him for running things himself. Jack counters that Nick wasn't around to make the decisions so Nick accuses him of acting like Victor. Calmer heads prevail as Nick apologizes to his partner.

Nick's impressed when he gets a copy of the first issue and sees the changes that were made. Jack gets word that the trucking company can't deliver the shipment on Friday as planned. Hiring a few more planes, Jack takes care of the problem but later, Phyllis discovers that her "webzine" has disappeared.

Sabrina spots a huge painting Daniel has made and tells him he's got talent as an artist, enough to consider art school. Victoria's not pleased to see Sabrina showing off her ring at the coffeehouse and lets her know it. Sabrina advises her that nothing she says is going to affect her relationship with her father.

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