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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, May 15, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, while Cane helps Chloe move her things into Lily and Devon's place, Devon doesn't want her to sleep on the couch because he may need it when his girlfriend sleeps over.

As they argue about all of her stuff, Cane invites Lily to move in with him but she turns down the offer. When Chloe talks about redecorating, Lily reminds her that she's a guest and Chloe apologizes and offers to buy them all drinks.

Having had too much to drink later, Chloe surprises Cane with a kiss. Warning him not to lead Jill on, Kay tells Jeffrey that it's obvious to her that he's still in love with Gloria.

Reading her tarot cards, Jana worries about the "bad karma" present. Talking with Nick about what could have happened to her webzine files that are now missing, Phyllis guesses Sharon opened an email with a virus.

Sharon apologizes if she's responsible but Jack claims an apology doesn't help. As they consider what might have happened, Daniel guesses it was Amber's fault and Amber admits she might have opened an email attachment.

Jack is outraged and Phyllis threatens to fire her if the website doesn't return. Jack and Nick are relieved when the computer comes back online and the printer reports the magazine will be delivered on time.

Gloria meets with her attorney who reports that her $50 million has been donated to charity as requested which leaves her with the remaining $50 million.

After Gloria boasts to Jana about changing her karma for the better, she gets served with a subpoena. She calls Jeffrey to complain and Kevin reads that Jeffrey's demanding $25 million.

As Jeffrey arrives at the Crimson Lights, Gloria tells her son there won't be a divorce. Later, Gloria tells Jeffrey about her donation but he demands his money. Jill lays into Kay for trying to turn Jeffrey back to Gloria.

Unimpressed with what Alistair has "leaked" to her, Jill fires him...

... until next time on The Young and the Restless!

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