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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5.19

Today on The Young and the Restless, Nick barks orders at someone to fix the elevator, Kay wonders aloud to him, Victoria and Phyllis who will come out of the stuck car alive. Finally free from the elevator, David finds some champagne and offers a toast to Nikki, his new wife.

Jack starts to boast about their success at the magazine in spite of Victor's worries but then stops when he realizes Victor is here to congratulate his son. Victor tells Nick he's impressed that he followed through with his plans in spite of the odds against him.

Sabrina lies to Victoria that it was Victor's idea to come to the magazine. At the Athletic Club J.T. stuns Paul with the news that David and Nikki eloped. Paul explains that he learned that two of David's ex-wives are dead and that he hasn't been able to reach the third.

Paul reveals that all three were very rich which makes him wonder why David is broke. Later, Nikki tells Paul that she now trusts David. Claiming he would be much better off with Jill, Jeffrey tells her that he filed for divorce from Gloria because they are "toxic" together.

Disagreeing, Jill asks him to go tell Gloria how he feels. Michael, Kevin and Lauren are disgusted when they open the door to the hotel room Gloria broke into and find her in bed with Alistair. After sending Alistair away, Michael offers to help Gloria get out of her financial mess.

Hearing about his night with Gloria, Jill offers Alistair a deal again. Jeffrey overhears her talking about her night in bed with Alistair but runs off before he can hear her admit that she loves Jeffrey. Later, Alistair overhears Gloria remember she stashed away some diamonds. David's living ex-wife calls Paul.

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