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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5.2.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Jeffrey assures Gloria that he doesn't want to be with Jill because he loves Gloria. Sensing she isn't interested, Jeffrey walks out. Paul overhears as Brad invites Heather out this weekend. Paul then asks Heather out to dinner but she turns him down.

He confides in Lauren about his concern that his daughter might be dating Brad. Gloria interrupts and admits that she may have pushed Jeffrey too far. Hearing the latest, Lauren urges her to be honest so Gloria meets with her lawyer and announces that she wants to give half of her money to charity.

Meanwhile, as Jill secretly listens, Jeffrey tells his attorney he wants a divorce and half of what Gloria owns. David arranges for Nikki to have a massage and then lies about going to a business meeting so he can get to the poker game on time. Paul joins Nikki for dinner and realizes she's unhappy and asks if it has to do with David.

She admits he may be gambling again. As she gets ready for tonight's poker game, Adam's comment about her outfit causes Skye to guess that he's got his eye on another woman and that she's probably unavailable.

When a columnist for the magazine can't do her column for the next issue, Phyllis worries to Nick that they'll have to write it which means they'll miss their anniversary dinner.

Later, the lights go out in the office so Nick sends Phyllis to the printers for him and suggests they eat takeout at the office. When she returns, Nick surprises Phyllis when he brings out Trace Atkins, the singer from New Mexico who entertained them at the roadhouse.

Nick confides he's getting his memory back slowly. David arrives late for the poker game at Brad's. The stakes go higher and higher as David starts losing.

The Young and the Restless
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