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The Young and the Restless
May 21 Episode Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Paul tells J.T. about his investigation of David which has led to his ex-wife "Bitsy" Hartford. He decides to question Neil about the Granville Global employee.

After Nikki almost catches him gong through her purse, David calls the credit card company to add Nikki's name to his account and to see if they would increase his credit limit.

Victor arranges for Lauren to bring a rack filled with clothes for Sabrina to examine but Sabrina thinks they're too expensive. Victor offers to buy the entire rack for her but she convinces him to let her have one item.

Brad runs into Heather at work and invites her out again. Victoria's not happy to hear about the date and claims that it's unethical.

Brad insists it's not a date and asks who put her in charge of questioning his friends. Later, Victoria warns Heather about trusting Brad.

After Neil assigns Adam to work on a "viral marketing" project, Adam complains to Neil about having to work with Charlie on the project.

Paul arrives so Adam leaves but listens from outside the door as Neil complains to Paul about not trusting David. Neil also admits he doesn't know Bitsy.

David makes another call and asks about getting a loan without Nikki's involvement. The bank won't allow it. Paul returns and asks J.T. to let him look at Granville's online employee records.

J.T. tells him about some stock she was given. Paul seeks J.T.'s help tracking the woman and learns she's in Bermuda.

Adam questions Neil about his meeting with Paul but Neil tells him it's none of his business.

Later, Neil advises Victor that Adam moved too fast to acquire the Natural Glow company and now it's in a legal battle with Jabot.

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