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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5.23

Today on The Young and the Restless, Kevin urges Daniel not to listen to his mother and do what he wants to do. Daniel returns to the magazine offices and finds his mother telling Danny it's not a good time for Daniel to leave town.

Nikki and Victor end up holding hands as they remember Cassie. After Victor wonders aloud what happened to them, David interrupts. Nikki announces that she is going to Cassie's grave by herself. David's upset while Kevin is thrilled to find his fighter beat David's tonight.

Amber forces a hesitant Daniel to tell her that he loves her. When Adam tells him that he doubts a judge would rule against Newman Enterprises, Victor points out he really doesn't know what he's talking about.

He announces that he's reducing Adam's work load and wants him to run all of his decisions by him. Adam later calls Skye to let her know about the huge mistake he made. Al from the Abbott Foundation tells Jack, Sharon, Phyllis and Nick that an anonymous donor has made two donations of $5 million to the foundation and $2 million to Cassie's Challenge.

Wondering who made the donation, Jack concludes it must be Gloria. Gloria is thrilled when she receives her diamonds. Alistair secretly watches as Gloria eyes and kisses her beautiful "star of Marbella" diamond.

In Bermuda, Paul finds Bitsy but she doesn't want to say anything. Paul presses her until she claims that his ex-wives are dead and that David is a killer. David asks Walter for another loan. While driving and thinking about Cassie, Nick has an accident.

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