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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5.5.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Skye continues to play very conservatively at the poker table, folding a winning hand so that David wins. Later, Skye starts winning and when a pot builds to $50,000, David loses big to Skye's four of a kind. Brad flirts with Skye as she leaves.

When David admits he can't cover his check, Brad loans him $100,000 and tells him to pay him back when he can. Spotting Esther arrive at the Athletic Club, Gloria gets her to admit how much of a pig Jeffrey is. She offers to listen if Esther ever needs someone to talk with.

Hearing he intends to divorce Gloria, Jill asks Jeffrey why he married her in the first place. She gets him to rub her feet only to be interrupted by an angry Gloria. Jeffrey assures her it's not what she thinks and Jill reminds her that she won't be Jeffrey's wife for long.

Victoria accuses Victor of giving Adam whatever he wants while shutting her down. She starts to leave but when he orders her not to walk out on him, Victoria announces that she's quitting.

When Adam boasts about finding another acquisition that he wants to tell Victor about, Sabrina advises him to stop trying to impress people. Back at the office, hearing Victoria quit, Sabrina asks Victor if it's because of her. Victor admits it's due to Adam who Sabrina labels as obnoxious.

Victor counters that he's highly qualified and ignores her when she points out his daughter adores him. Meanwhile, Victoria gives her mother the news and Nikki happily agrees to hire her at Jabot.

While Skye boasts to Adam about "playing" David, he learns about Victoria from Nikki and promises to prove to Nikki that he can be trusted. Eyeing the check David gave her, Adam guesses he's good for it and wonders if Nikki knows about this.

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The Young and the Restless
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