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The Young and the Restless
May 6, 2008 Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless,

Adam says goodbye to Skye who is heading back to New York and then meets with Phyllis. She reveals the Beauty of Nature ad layout was changed and he's so upset by this that he decides to pull the ad.

Colleen confides to Kevin that she's having second thoughts about allowing Adrian to use actual names in writing the story of her grandmother. Kevin and Jana both panic to hear what she's done and he asks her to get the publishing delayed.

Colleen asks Adrian to delay his book's printing but he refuses. Later, Colleen shows Brad the book which worries him. Sabrina considers hiring Jana as her assistant. Neil interrupts Sabrina and Victor as they kiss and is stunned when Victor reveals that Victoria no longer works for the company.

J.T. stops by Victor's office to let him know about a security problem he solved. Victor assumes it would be best for J.T. to find another job because of his wife's decision to leave but J.T. convinces Victor that he can do the job professionally and won't compromise their relationship.

Gloria tells Jill that a friend of hers is making an anonymous donation which causes Jill to point out that those who remain anonymous are usually up to no good.

Jill lectures Nikki about hiring Victoria without talking to her first. Brad tells Jill that he thinks Victoria will be great for Jabot. Later, he announces to Jill his decision to re- introduce the Men's Line now that Victoria can help with it.

He assures her he'll have no problem working with his ex-wife. Victoria advises a stunned Neil that one day, he may be running Newman Enterprises. Packing her office at Newman, Victoria tells Nick and J.T. how and why she quit. Nick asks his father to stop Victoria from leaving but fails.

Instead, Victor orders Adam to move into Victoria's office.

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