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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 5/7

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Back from her shoot in L.A., Cane urges Lily to take some time for herself but she insists on working as scheduled. Later, he agrees to have a "first date" with her as she gets her life going again after losing the baby.

At her first Jabot meeting, Victoria comes up with a suggestion to tie in Fresh Faces with a "green" product line and while everyone seems to like her idea, Brad and Jill privately hold back their approval.

Jill encourages Brad to keep up the good work. David suggests to an enthused Nikki that Jabot sponsor the premiere of a new "rain forest-based" movie. Victoria also loves the idea and after she and Brad leave, Nikki and David start making calls about the project.

Later, Jill tells Brad she's skeptical about the movie concept while Brad hopes that they have a backup plan. Brad overhears David placing bets on some baseball games and suggests that he start repaying the loan with his next paycheck.

Hearing Brad's now seen the book Adrian wrote, Kevin wants to call Michael to stop publication but Colleen asks for more time. Hearing about Jana's job offer as Sabrina's assistant, Kevin assures her he's happy for her.

Jana heads over to the museum where she finds Sabrina admiring a new painting brought in by the artist. Jana correctly guesses it's a "Brian Wells" that Victor is considering for the museum.

After moving into Victoria's office, Adam pays Victor a visit and claims that he hopes she comes back to Newman soon. Victor counters that he doesn't trust someone who quits so abruptly.

Victor then invites Adam to move out to the ranch. Colleen opens up to Lily about her problem with Adrian's book and how it might hurt her family.

Kevin overhears Adrian blasting Colleen for showing Brad his book and, calling her immature, the professor decides it's time to confront her father. Hearing about an opening at the Colonnade Room, David and Nikki decide to marry on August 17.

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