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Wandering in the famous Paris cemetery, Eden doesn't want to talk about why her father is in jail but Noah admits that his father was also behind bars.
He encourages her to have faith he'll be released soon.

Noah finds Jim Morrison's grave and when he claims he loves the Doors, Eden reveals it's River's favorite group. As he snaps photos of her, Noah talks about his parents' divorce and how he didn't understand it.

After they kiss, some thugs confront the two at the cemetery and demand money from them. Noah starts battling them.

When a security guard arrives, Noah orders Eden to run while he stops to retrieve her necklace and ends up getting caught.

Ashley convinces Victor to come back to her hotel room where they fall into bed together. After sex, Victor confesses that she has made him feel alive again.

As he sits by the river with Sharon, Nick realizes that his phone isn't working. As the two take in the sights, Phyllis looks for her husband and eventually finds him, just as Nick and Sharon kiss.

Upset, Phyllis runs back to the hotel and packs her things. She writes a note for Nick but throws it away.

Meanwhile, remembering the pain he caused her, Sharon tells Nick she will never cheat on her husband and runs off.

Cane comforts her as Esther wonders to Chloe how she could have missed seeing the signs that Kay was drinking again.

Jill and Nikki drive from bar to bar, looking for Kay but have no luck. Esther calls Jill about a FAX she received regarding a bed reserved in a drug and alcohol rehab center.

Jill panics to think the bed was for Kay. Just then, they stop at the scene of a car accident and call Cane and Daniel. Using a flashlight, Nikki spots lying outside the wrecked car.

Jill calls Cane and tells him that Kay is dead. Embracing the lifeless woman in her arms, Nikki sobs uncontrollably.

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