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Nick and Phyllis invite Nikki to move in with them but she turns down the offer. When Paul makes the same offer, she accepts.

Sharon's outraged when she takes a call for Jack from the FBI agent who wants to ask about Victor's diary.

When Sharon stops by to ask where Nick is working today, Phyllis doesn't tell her and rushes to blast Jack for failing to keep his wife away from Nick.

She warns him that his marriage is failing.

When he won't listen, Phyllis blurts out that she knows about Mexico and shows him proof of his secret trip and the motel room and hooker.

He's outraged by her snooping and warns her to stay out of his life. Upset, Phyllis goes to see Brad. Meanwhile, Sharon asks Nick about the kiss in Paris and both agree it was tied to their past.

Sharon then leaks that it was Jack who helped Adam with the diary.

Revealing Victor denied the diary is real, Heather warns Adam that the FBI is going to test it and investigate everyone connected to the journal.

She then asks him why he transferred his new money to a Swiss bank account. He explains his hope to move them to Europe but she vows not to quit her job.

Visiting him in jail, Ashley encourages Victor to thank Nikki for what she has done for him so that she can move on with her life.

He insists she's responsible for the death of his wife and their unborn child so as far as he is concerned, Nikki doesn't exist.

While Ashley calls Nikki and lies that Victor wants to see her, Michael shows Victor the diary.

Victor admits he bought it in Mexico but left it in the shack there. Ashley tells Victor she's heading back to London to retrieve Abby and then move back to Genoa City to be with Victor. Nikki arrives...

What happens next? Find out in our The Young and the Restless spoilers!

The Young and the Restless
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