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Ashley arrives at the church in France and learns that Victor left. She finds the prayer card he once held and wonders what to do next.

While Victoria and Phyllis read through the diary and try to figure out who is behind it, Nick makes arrangements to fly to France.

Running into Adam at the Crimson Lights, Phyllis warns Victoria not to ask about the diary.

When he announces his engagement to Heather and they comment on how tough it will be for them to live together with Heather's salary, Adam hints he just came into some money recently.

Curious, Phyllis calls the magazine that printed the diary and tricks them into confirming they recently gave Adam a check.

After Esther warns her that Jill, Billy and Cane are plotting to put her away, Kay confronts Jill but she insists they only want to help her.

After Billy and Cane leave, Jill warns her that she must see a specialist or else the board is going to vote her out of Chancellor Industries.

Jill cries that she just wants her mother back. Kay opens up to Nikki about Jill. Esther asks Kay to go see a doctor, too.

Ana tries to cheer up Lily but Chloe's arrival spoils her attempt. Chloe's all ears when Ana mentions Lily's new boyfriend. Just then, Billy and Cane arrive.

Later, Billy accuses Chloe of still being attracted to him but she denies it.

Lily complains to Cane about Chloe rubbing her face in their marriage but he reveals they are living separately in the house because he only loves Lily.

Michael advises Gloria that Marshall is dead so he can't testify on River's behalf anymore. After she leaves, Michael listens to a tape of a women named Tanya who testified against River.

He quickly recognizes Gloria's voice on the tape and realizes all of her contempt for River is baseless.

Calling her "Tanya," he faces off with Gloria about the tape but she runs off.

Victoria confronts Adam about the diary which he claims he found at the ranch. Though he defends what he did because of the way he's been treated, she vows to make him pay for hurting her father.

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