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Victor barks at Heather to be quiet and then states that he has committed no crime. Heather starts to talk but Victor hangs up on her.

After she leaves, Nick advises Nikki and Michael that the chateau in France Sabrina bought for Victor was destroyed in a fire.

No longer his lawyer, Michael finally leaks that Victor is in France. Catching Adam leaving the Motor Arms Motel, Paul doesn't believe him when he claims he was just meeting a friend from out of town.

Jill's got plenty of questions after Cane's presentation and he reminds her that she promised him complete autonomy.

When Billy interrupts, Cane leaves with him for another meeting, leaving Kay to ask Jill when she's going to allow her son to do his job.

Over lunch, Billy gets Cane to reveal what happened the night he "impregnated" Chloe.

Billy congratulates him for accepting his responsibility and also for how he handles Jill. He assures Cane that he doesn't mind not being in charge of Jabot and offers him his help.

Billy later complains to Jack about his terrible brother. Hearing Gloria pleading over the phone to Jeffrey to come back, Jack warns Gloria that they need to act on Jabot.

He insists that she give him the shares of Jabot including Kay's by the end of the day or the deal's off.

Gloria then enlists Kevin's help with a phony voicemail to fool Kay into thinking her memory is getting worse. Gloria then accuses Kay of changing her mind about giving her the stock.

But when an assistant brings the stock documents that Kay supposedly asked for, Gloria realizes there really must be something wrong with Kay.

When a concerned Jill interrupts, Gloria is pressing Kay to sign the papers before she takes her to the doctor.

Kevin warns Cane about trusting Billy. After Adam lies to Heather about his motel meeting, Paul tries to let her know but she boasts Adam already told her and insists she doesn't need his help.

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