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Phyllis is not pleased as Daniel kisses Amber. Nick stops her and says it's none of her business. Phyllis interrupts them anyway.

Amber announces she moved out of the penthouse as requested and is living with Daniel now. Phyllis offers them the penthouse. Daniel isn't interested.

Nick pleads with Phyllis to forget about Amber and concentrate on the wonderful things in her life. Kevin continues to insist to Jana that he did not move Kay's car.

When Amber hears about the car, she points out Kay would never have parked two blocks away which only makes Kevin look more guilty as far as Jana is concerned.

After Jill asks Kay if she really intends to sign over the stock to Gloria, Kay complains about the way she's being treated.

Jill rips up the papers and sends Gloria out.

Jill insists on making an appointment to determine if Kay is suffering from dementia. Jill offers to drive her home and takes her car keys. Later, she learns Kay took a cab.

Showing his father photos that Howard Sullivan sent over to help with his case, Michael recognizes Gloria was at a rally.

River insists Gloria left before it started and warns Michael that he doesn't want Gloria involved at all with his trial, for the sake of her marriage.

Gloria arrives and when she sees the photo, she explains that the bomb was supposed to be filled with confetti.

She goes onto reveal that it was River's best friend Marshall Tenney who suggested it be made into a real explosive.

She claims River physically held up Michael as a reason not to do it. Kevin finally confesses to Jana that Gloria asked him to move Kay's car.

Kay or someone who looks like her sits at a bar, drinking.

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