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Lauren convinces Eden to go on the school trip to Paris. When Eden runs into Noah, he's frustrated when she is not forthcoming about her plans.

He complains to his mother about the way some girls seem to change their feelings for you. Sharon suggests she is playing hard-to-get.

Gloria and River recount for Michael the argument River had with Marshall, his fellow radical, insisting that violence was not the key to getting their message out.

She points out that he failed to put her and Michael first and left for the bank, arriving just as the bomb went off.

River sadly admits that if he had listened to her, none of his troubles would have happened. Michael wonders why Gloria didn't go to the police to clear his name.

Eden finds Michael back with Lauren and announces she's going to Paris.

He boasts he's going to prevent her father from going to prison.

Gloria thanks River for saving her and Michael and he assures her he doesn't blame her for leaving him.

Esther tries to give Chloe an outfit for the baby but gets a lecture about trying to touch her expanding belly without permission as well as a talk about designer baby clothes.

Welcoming back Tyra, Lily tells her and her father about her quick visit with Olivia. Seeing how good Karen is with Ana, Tyra asks Neil if he and Karen are thinking about having their own family.

When he doesn't respond, she asks Karen. Spotting Cane arriving with Chloe, Lily assures Neil that she is fine.

Just then, Olivia enters Indigo and recognizes Karen as one of her patients. Told who a nearby Cane is, Olivia warns Neil that Lily is still in love with her ex.

Billy asks Chloe to tell him all she knows about Cane and Lily.

As she agrees, Cane warns Lily about trusting his brother but Lily reminds him that she makes her own decisions.

Olivia assures Karen that the patient/doctor confidentiality still exists between them so Neil won't find out.

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