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Jill is when Kay drives herself to work. Kay agrees to see a doctor after Jill's meeting, but once Jill returns, she's told that Kay left.

Kay then enters a bar and spots Marge, the woman who looks like her.

When Adam calls Jack to let him know he's meeting the forger, Jack claims he's got a meeting with the publisher.

Sharon invites herself to come with Jack but he won't allow it.

Upset, Sharon calls Nick and explains that she needs to talk to him about Noah's school trip.

Nick puts her off and when she won't let up, he reveals that today is his and Phyllis' anniversary.

Later, Nick finds a hidden listening device and whispers to Phyllis that their place is "bugged," probably because the FBI thinks they know where Victor is.

Heather secretly listens as Phyllis makes noises to cover for Nick's secret departure. Outside the ranch, Heather also hears Nikki telling Victoria that Victor claimed he didn't kill Walter.

he adds that she owes her life to Victor. Nick arrives and gets word to her about the secret surveillance. They head back to Nick's place and pretend to send Nick to Buenos Aries to bring Victor money.

After she orders the agents to make plans for the trip, Heather begins to suspect a trick. Frank the forger demands his money. Adam assures him his partner will be there soon.

Jack calls and manages to record Frank's voice, warning him that he'll get his money when he gets the diary.

Adam brings the diary to Jack and the publisher and is furious when the publisher announces he no longer wants the article Adam wrote.

He blasts Jack for keeping his own name out of the forgery business but Jack assures him that they have Victor right where they want him.

Frank calls Jack and demands his money tonight.

Back at the ranch Nikki and Victoria open a box sent from the French chateau and find a special egg-shaped gift inside. She warns her daughter about the ranch being bugged.

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