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Adam plays the tape of Jack on the phone with Frank - which is blank. He confronts Frank, who admits he noticed some things had been moved around when he returned to his place.

He also mentions how he spent time with a flirtatious woman before he went to meet Jack at the coffeehouse.

After Nick calls Phyllis from his flight to Buenos Aires, he spots a Mexican agent who vows to speak to him once they land.

Heather asks Phyllis where Nick is.

When she won't talk, Heather taunts her by revealing that Nick was followed to Sharon's house where he stayed for a long time.

Sharon interrupts and confirms that Nick was there to sign papers for Noah's trip to Paris. But when Summer comes downstairs to complain about "bugs," Heather guesses that they found the listening device.

After Gloria tells Kevin that Jeffrey still has the tainted cream, she hangs up as Jeffrey returns and reports that he saw Kay at a bar, drunk.

They agree to continue with their plan though Jeffrey calls it a business partnership and nothing more. Hearing Kay's at the coffeehouse, Gloria hurries there and watches as Kay trips.

When Gloria mentions her drinking, Kay claims she's been with a friend. When Gloria mentions the stock again, Kay yells at her.

Gloria calms her and befriends her again, promising that she won't allow anyone to take away any of her freedoms because of her lapses in memory.

She walks over to a curious Jeffrey and warns him about Kay.

Adam accuses Jack of erasing the tape but Jack plays dumb and claims he knows nothing about any diary or article.

Sharon returns home and finds Adam threatening Jack.

After he leaves, Sharon demands that Jack tell him the truth.

He covers and then sends Jeffrey out when he arrives to talk about the Jabot stock. Sharon warns Jack that she doesn't trust him anymore and doesn't know if their marriage can last.

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