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Heather advises Brad and Jill that the case against Brad has been dropped. Kay boasts to Amber that a publisher has taken an option on her memoir.

Kay also mentions she's concerned about a friend who is drinking. When Jill learns that Kay may have found a publisher for her book, she vows to stop the presses.

Jill privately calls Kay's doctor and claims her mother is getting worse. Marge's buddy Murphy finds her at the bar and warns that because she missed her shift at the diner, she's about to lose her job.

He takes her to his place and offers to help sober her up but urges her to get some real help. J.T. advises Victoria and Nikki that he discovered all three houses at the ranch were "bugged."

Heather confronts Nikki and Victoria and boasts that she knows about Nick's scheme, the chateau fire and that the French authorities are looking for Victor now.

Nikki responds by handing back the listening devices J.T. found.

When Nick returns home and spots the form for Noah's trip to Paris, Phyllis reveals that Heather told her about his visit with his ex.

Nick assures her it was just to discuss Noah. Sharon interrupts and is surprised to hear that Nick told Phyllis about his trip scheme. Phyllis reminds her rival that she's "family."

After Sharon leaves, Nick assures Phyllis that he will always be faithful to her. Nick finds Heather leaving his sister and his mother who gives him the name of a person to call for a special meeting at "Restless Style."

Phyllis watches Sharon embrace Brad who has told her Heather's news.

Brad asks about her marriage but Sharon explains she wants to keep their friendship clear of that topic.

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