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Nick calls Noah's cell and Eden answers. At the party, Noah watches drunk Eden get left behind. Phyllis calls but Sharon claims Nick can't talk.

Nick argues with Sharon about how much freedom they should give their son. Meanwhile, Phyllis imagines Sharon making out with Nick. Jack returns home and sees Nick embracing Sharon.

Michael advises Lauren that his research into River's case revealed that there was a material witness who was "released."

Colleen explains to Lily that she doesn't want to ruin their friendship by taking the modeling job. Daniel hears them talking and expresses his admiration for how much they value their friendship.

Lily tells her to take the job. Chloe privately warns Billy not to say anything to Cane since she knows a lot about him.

When Amber arrives, Billy asks Cane how he met Chloe. Cane won't say but does ask about him and Amber. Amber claims they met each other in Malibu while Billy corrects her that it was in New York.

Talking about Jabot, Cane points out they closed Billy's division because it was performing poorly. Chloe makes a rude remark about Billy using a fake name with Amber.

He later whispers to her that he she's also using one. Eden slips back into the condo but Michael and Lauren catch her and threaten to revoke their guardianship and let her live in a foster home if she doesn't obey their rules.

Upset by the threat, Eden packs her bags and announces she's going back to the ashram to wait for her father. Michael stuns her by warning that River murdered a man and isn't getting out of prison.

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