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Lily accuses Cane of hiring Colleen to keep connected with Lily. Lily points out that Chloe's pregnancy seems to be changing her and Cane.

When she admits she envies his happiness, Cane claims he's not happy at all, adding that not having Lily in his life is miserable.

Billy surprises Chloe at the house and asks if he's the father of the baby she's carrying. Chloe lies that the dates don't match up.

He presses her for the truth and she asks if he's going to "step up" like his brother. Billy reminds her of how she read through all of his emails and stalked him.

Chloe counters with a reminder of how wonderful it was when they met. She dares him to call her doctor to find out the date of inception.

Back at home, Nick and Phyllis argue about Phyllis' decision to write and publish the letter.

Phyllis warns that she's tired of Sharon running to Nick and wonders aloud why she isn't turning to her own husband for help and comfort.

He insists this is about Noah, not Sharon.

Sharon overhears Jack on the phone and tries to get him to admit what the call was about. He suggests they take a trip to the Bahamas but she isn't interested.

She's also upset that he allowed Noah to go out after he was grounded. After Jana accuses Kevin of secretly moving Kay's car, Daniel returns to the Crimson Lights because of the storm outside.

A drenched Amber also returns so Jana offers to read her tarot cards for everyone: for Kevin she warns him about "playing with fire;" Amber's card warns about a secret lie she's living with while Daniel's advises him to realize what is perfect for him.

Later, Jana warns Kevin about getting involved with one of Gloria's schemes. Billy arrives at Jabot and overhears Lily and Cane talking in the elevator.

When the doors finally open, he spots the two kissing and hides.

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