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Heather finds a photo of Walter and tells Adam he's the guy who put a hit out on David and killed Sabrina. Adam says Victor was on the boat.

Heather also warns him about getting involved with Jack.

After she leaves, Jack calls and tries to convince Adam to help him in exchange for cash but Adam's still not interested.

When he shows her the letter in the new issue of "Restless Style," Sharon tells Jack that Nick already warned her and points out that Phyllis wrote it. She insists she's over it.

After a call from Neil about a wavering business opportunity, Victoria warns Nikki that some companies are hesitant about doing business with Newman now that Victor is out of the picture.

When Brad interrupts, he and Nikki exchange comments about David before Victoria takes her mother away.

Later, after hearing sales are not great but that they are "steady," Nikki questions Nick about the letter and he assures her that he's talked with Phyllis about it.

Once Nick leaves, Nikki blasts Phyllis for stooping to Jack's level but Phyllis hints that she'll get Nikki fired if she interferes.

Adam asks Neil to stop badmouthing him to prospective employers though Neil denies doing anything of the kind. Adam then apologizes for firing Neil who is unimpressed by his expression of regret.

When Victoria finds them chatting, Adam suggests that investors are hesitant to return to Newman because there aren't enough Newmans running the company. Neil agrees but suggests they hire Nick, not Adam.

Adam's upset but Victoria orders him to get out and never come back.

She and Neil then invite Nick to come back to Newman and claim he can run his magazine at the same time.

Adam hints to Nikki that he knows what happened in Mexico.

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