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Phyllis explains to Daniel about a problem at work. She confirms that she likes Colleen much better than Amber.

Colleen tells her father she's going to New York and assures him it won't be awkward being there with Daniel's ex- wife.

He assures her that the charges against him are bogus.

Amber hears from Liam that he can't make it to Daniel's art gallery opening in New York so she refuses to go by herself.

Hearing Daniel invited Colleen to New York, Amber angrily confronts him.

With Colleen by his side, Daniel responds with a claim that he's moving on with his life and adds that Colleen might be the woman for him.

After Colleen leaves, Daniel asks Amber to come to New York because most of the sketches are of her. She refuses.

When Sharon finally confesses to Jack that she is the reason Victor helped

Nick, he wonders aloud if there are any other secrets she's hiding from him.

She defends what she did as a way to stop the constant bickering but Jack insists this is Victor going after him.

When Adam accuses Nikki of sabotaging his job offer at Jabot, Nick warns him to back off.

Adam's outraged to learn that Victor has badmouthed him to every large firm in Genoa City and tells Heather he wants to confront Victor.

He tries but a guard stops him and he's taken to jail for trespassing.

After talking about the poor condition of the ranch, Nikki admits to her son that she's not sure what she wants to do now.

Later, at the magazine's offices, Nikki manages to solve an argument between Nick and Phyllis who suggests that they hire her as their new editor.

Brad confronts Nikki about giving his name to the SEC. He complains to Heather who suggests that he find Walter Palin.

At the ranch Jack uses the photos of Sabrina's accident to try to force a confrontation with Victor.

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