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Chloe confirms that she is Esther's daughter Kate. She claims that she wanted to make it in the world on her own.

Jill doesn't believe a word she says nor does Cane who blasts her for lying to him and urges her son to hire an attorney.

Eyeing the letter his father left for him, Nick reads that Victor apologizes for not being a better father and urges him to be one.

Victoria reads her note in which Victor confesses how much he misses her.

Meanwhile, after Adam reads his letter from Victor, he complains to Heather that he's not the most important Newman sibling and tosses the note in the garbage. Heather asks if she can read it but he won't allow it.

She takes the note anyway and reads that Victor asks him to wait for his children to accept him. Worried about what his friends will think of him as a Newman, Noah tells his father that he wants to attend public school.

Nikki is stunned to find Victor alive on the beach in Mexico
. He carries her to a hut where he admonishes her for coming for him.

He asks if she came there after getting a lead from Walter. Victor won't tell her what happened but denies that he's hiding from the police.

She demands that he come forward to tell his grieving children that he's alive and threatens to do so anyway. Victor counters that his suffering is due to her and insists that he doesn't care for her.

Nikki insists she won't leave him behind but he still blames her for Sabrina's death. Nikki confesses her love but he calls it a "sick" love that should die and walks away from her.

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